Discover the Alliance Advantage

At Team Results, we understand the essence of growth. It’s not just about increasing numbers but about evolving into the business you’ve always envisioned. Our expertise lies in recognizing the potential in your business and unlocking it.

Who we are...

Team Results is headed by John Beaton, a dedicated business development specialist. With over 37 years of experience in Discovering the Hidden Assets in Businesses and Turning Them Into Profits. Having worked with a diverse range of projects from single entrepreneur to billion dollar companies, John understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in today’s dynamic market.

Strategic planning

Crafting a strategic plan tailored to your business's strengths and vision.


Partnership development

Identifying and leveraging potential partnerships to enhance growth.


Trust and reliability

We are the trusted partner businesses rely on for unbiased and insightful valuation services.

Our philosophy

We believe that every business has a unique story to tell and an unparalleled value to offer. Our job is to partner and collaborate with you to find your hidden profitable assets and leverage them.

What we do


Strategic Partnership and Revenue Acceleration

Forge effective alliances and expand your partner networks. Unlock untapped innovation, operational efficiencies, and new market opportunities. Benefit from our deep practitioner experience as alliance leaders. We've been in your shoes and are committed to delivering tangible results.


Strategic Alignment

Understand the importance of aligning your strategic goals. Learn why partnerships can be a powerful strategy to meet corporate objectives including innovation and new product development, access to intellectual property and expertise, technological advancements, geographical expansion and access to new customer segments.


Joint Solution Building

Blend your core competencies with partners to offer unparalleled value. Dive deep into customer pain points, purchasing behaviors, and decision-making processes. Differentiate in the market, reduce deployment risks, and hasten time to market with well-crafted joint solutions.


Financial Value Optimization

Translate your alliances into significant corporate performance. Key metrics include increased revenue from joint offers, shared marketing/development cost savings, and improved profitability.


Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Combine your sales efforts for multiple benefits, including access to key executives and improved account knowledge, faster sales cycles and higher win-rates, enhanced deal sizes and customer credibility and more.


Solution and Financial Value for Clients

Deliver increased service quality and tackle issues proactively with assessment services. Enhance customer retention, achieve better resource utilization, and improve profitability.

Discover the alliance advantage

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